What to expect from MAJOR in 2021 and beyond

The MAJOR brand has been in works since 2014. Even with all the delays and roadblocks, Jalen Campbell ( IG: @campbellisking ) and J.Tek (IG: @J.Tek) continued to keep MAJOR alive throughout the last 6 years. Now with 2021 here, the vision & success is more prominent than ever. Our dreams have expanded to Music, Apparel, Media, Streaming & more! Take a look at what we're working on 👇


More Music:

With J.Tek's successful debut album, the MAJOR label has built momentum. J.Tek has lots more music to share with the world. His new single/video 'Alone in Space' released October 23rd, and can be seen

J-tek alone in Space MAJOR ent

His debut album 'Midnight Sunset', is also available here.


More Artists/talent:

  We are always looking for more talent to join our team. If interested, contact us



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More MAJOR Clothing:

  We have tons of designs waiting to be released. Keep up to date by following us on social media, subscribing to our email list, and checking into our site periodically. Our releases are exclusive and in high-demand so stay tuned!

You can shop for our current products here.

Major Clothing Jalen Campbell



To be announced at a later time. Looking to collab? Contact us.


MAJOR Streaming:

Our streaming platform, or OTT, is a platform to host both exclusive and non-exclusive movies, docuseries, talk shows, and more. With the initial launch of the platform, we will use MAJOR music artists to give early access to music videos and docuseries for their audience.  

MAJOR Streaming 


Nothing is there yet, but take a sneak peek here.


The app will bring all of it together in one place while providing exclusivity to the app subscribers. App users will be able to not only watch and shop, but use Augmented Reality technologies within the app to scan apparel & other products for exclusive deals, discounted and free products such as event tickets, apparel, free month(s) of streaming service.

The app is currently in development.

Our Mission:

The goal of MAJOR is to be prominent in Music, Apparel, Streaming, and any other industries we strategically enter. Just as important to us is the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities we premediate to bring, especially to women and people of color. MAJOR will always take the road of authenticity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

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Facebook: @majorent.co